Just facts


First evening in Berlin in 2012 I spent in an art gallery,
speaking with an artist for 3 hours.
She didn’t speak any English or Russian.

I drove a car in a cloud.
There was a 'beware of bears' sign.

When I was 10 years old I saw my first concert.
It was happy hardcore.

No one on Earth has the same last name.

Saw Andromeda without telescope. 

The very same day I was going down the mountain
through the forest in complete darkness.

One of my friends is a spy.

Lied to get my first job.

When I was in the 8th grade I learned how to assemble AK-47. 
In less than 10 seconds.

I was a gift for my mom’s 20th birthday

I had a 260km bicycle tour that I did in 3 days.
Not all of it was downhill.

Played foosball when both of my hands
were burnt by rope the day before.

It's almost impossible to find a picture with my face on internet.

Washed my jeans in the Dead Sea.

Almost got shot in a small apartment
in Gothic Quarter of Barcelona.

Resigned from an agency on the third day.

Went to St.Petersburg for 1 day & stayed for 1 month.

Stole a bottle of whisky from Nick Cave.

Drove alone for 1000 miles just to deliver a few t-shirts.
And then 1000 miles more.

I won halloween costume contest.

Once I wasn’t saying anything to anyone for 5 days.

I pushed a giant snowman from the roof of 20+ floor building.

Established a digital production company. 
Never made a project for it.

Found lost keys in the ocean on the next day.

Walked more than 5 km on crutches in Singapore.

Organised the first free hugs flashmob in Russia.

Did firewalking on burning coal.
I was 14.

During ADC Europe I exchanged my analogue
photo camera for the emblem of DDR.