The Changemas Song

Rewriting the Xmas classic for more togetherness in the world

For people around the world, the Christmas season starts with hearing the Coke Xmas Song: a chart hit for 23 years. So why change something?

2018 – There’s more hate, new walls and growing injustice. A world that has changed so much needs a new message! We rewrote the lyrics: the Xmas song became a hymn for togetherness.

In 16 countries, we launched a campaign goingfar beyond traditional Xmas spots. Our reminder to the world of what Christmas really is about – and the brand Coca-Cola.

€ 178 Million
Media value

Top 10
In Spotify Charts

1.2 billion

Creative Direction: Tom Berger
Art direction: Philipp Bertisch, Igor Gripowski

Copywriting: Holly Attrill