Fanta Snaposter

Teens are Fanta’s top target group. But traditional media and advertising promises don’t reach and wow them anymore. The result: lower and lower sales.
Because teens know best what teens like, Fanta hands over the campaign to its most important target group: fully, officially, hooray!

We used Snapchat, teens’ app No. 1, as an innovative, intuitive design tool. We simply snapped colourful Fanta elements that the teens made into stickers by using the existing scissor function – activated by Germany’s most popular influencer Julien Bam. That way, we turned every teen into a designer. And did we pay Snapchat for it? Nope. 

The teens created more than 4,800 unique posters in Snapchat. The best user generated designs went from the small screen to the big screen: as out-of-home posters – with the teen’s name on it.


Creative Direction: Tim Stübane, Felix Fenz, Florian Hucker, Stese Wagner
Art direction: Stephan Westerwelle,, Igor Gripowski

Copywriting: Anke Röll