The SQRL identity

The SQRL (former Sqiwy) is an engineering and development company which builds multi-touch displays for the world market.


Due to business expansion in 2014 Sqiwy inc. ran a full rebranding process, changing key sector to B2B and company’s name to The SQRL. This required a new fluid identity system for all niches with a capacity to add new ones in future. Every single niche should be defined as a part of the brand if used separately. The core medium for the identity is devices, hence the logo should be well-recognized without increasing production cost.


Solution is simple yet very flexible,
which met the brief well.

Dots layout is the foundation
for all current and future niches.

All logotypes within the system are based on the general logo.
Because of modular wireframe, every single emblem is easily recognisable even outside the context.


The system has a wide range of possibilities for designing for other niches.

Identity elements design supports the key brand’s communication with unique minimalist-designed objects.


Art director and graphic designer: Igor Gripowski