Hugo, one in a million kids

The life of Hugo is a nightmare. A nightmare that begins when he wakes up. His father beats him without any given reason, his mother doesn’t pay attention to him and regarding his classmates things get pretty worse. Hugo can’t wait the time to sleep, his only haven, until now.

Hugo is just a kid but represents millions like him suffering any kind of child violence. In our society, it is hard to hear their whispered confessions. Child violence is closest than you think. In you own neighbourhood, at the entrance of a school, in a bus stop. Pay attention to stop it.


Ghost idea with a big potential

An interactive display that submerge the passer-by that pays attention to it, into an interactive story about child violence.

Our mission is to involve the target audience into the problem and solution. Endear an awkward issue with which is not acquainted and make it easy to understand and collaborate. Hugo, the hidden kid, suffers different expressions of child violence: physical abuse, parental neglect and bullying. His interlocutor will be able to access several parts of his story, depending on the answer he chose.

Unfortunately, Hugo is no the only protagonist of our campaign,
Aisha and Mamadou evidence that child violence is a worldwide problem. 


Not without JCDecaux

Our idea wouldn’t be possible without the technical resources of JCDecaux, current benchmark of innovation in outdoor media. For this special action, we will use Eye Tracking and Touch Screen technologies, which will allow us to create a more natural and intuitive interaction. 

How does it work?

The digital OOH shows a static message until someone stares at it. The message displayed: If you pay attention, you can help this kid. When the eye tracking sensor detects that someone is looking at the advert, a kid appears from one of the sides and tries to establish contact with the person. If he waves back or keeps looking the interaction begins. 


How does it work in detail?  

As an example, we have developed a quick flowchart of interactions to show the real performance of the digital OOH. The final one could be more complex and deep.

Some answers will make the story advance, others will finish it.
At the end of the interaction, the target will be able to collaborate with Unicef in 3 different ways:

  • Donating through an SMS

  • Spreading his experience through the social networks

  • Signing the National Pact for the Childhood.
    In a really simple way, showing his ID to the integrated camera.





To add more credibility, the hidden kid will react to weather changes. If it’s hot, he will sweat, and if it’s cold he will shiver. 



Art Director: Igor Gripowski
José Daniel Rodríguez
Teacher: Amaya Uscola